DuChateau Hardwood

Ok....here it is. Recently I posted about a DuChateau Hardwood floor that has the exact look of reclaimed wood, like from an old barn. The floor happens to be one of my personal favorites and looks amazing. The project didn't start off too well though. We had a little too much moisture in the concrete and had to put a moisture barrier over the concrete substrate prior to installing the hardwood. Why? Well, the morning we showed up to install our customer's new floor, there was a large amount of water in the master bedroom, the location of the new floor, from a hard rain we had the night before! The water had made it through some cracks in the stucco where the windows existed. We were so lucky that it happened prior to the install, or this beautiful floor would have had to be removed only to be bought again and re-installed. This floor was already expensive, so to have to pay for it twice would have been horrible. End result? Beautiful floor and happy customer.